Arranging a reservation  in our plans / plan options

We operate with a robust process for agreeing, confirming, managing and fulfilling reservations with professional adviser firms. It is important that professional adviser firms who wish to arrange reservations in our plans / plan options for their clients are aware of, understand and agree to our reservation process – this is a requirement under our ‘Professional Adviser terms of business’.

  • If your firm is familiar with our reservation process and you wish to arrange a reservation in our plans / plan options for your firm’s clients, please complete and submit our reservation request form to provide us with the basic details of the reservation wanted.

To access and submit a reservation request form please CLICK HERE

Our business development and operations team are available to assist with the reservations process at any point, if helpful.

A member of our business development and / or operations team will aim to make contact in response to all reservation requests promptly, to discuss requests in more detail and to agree and confirm reservations.

  • If your firm is not familiar with our reservation process, please see our ‘About reservations’  page and let us know if you would like to discuss our plans and our reservation process.