We are members of Plain English Campaign – championing the use of plain English

We are proud to be the first structured product firm – and one of only a small number of investment firms of any type – to be both a corporate member of Plain English Campaign and to have all of our plan brochures individually crystal mark approved, reflecting our commitment to ‘doing the right things – and doing simple well’.

While important product points and features sometimes require technical-sounding explanations we have worked hard to ‘de-jargon’ our product literature (and to make sure our lawyers didn’t re-jargon it)! We have also tried to use good design principles, including clear page layouts, ‘stand-out circles’ and ‘info icon points’, to make our literature more engaging and easy to read and understand.

We embrace the motivations of the Plain English Campaign and intend to help raise its profile and champion its use within the financial services and asset management, wealth management and financial planning / advice industry.