Our products are designed for clients of authorised and regulated investment firms, investing as part of a diversified and balanced portfolio.

As with all forms of investment there are risks involved in structured products. The potential returns and the repayment of money invested are usually linked to the stock market – and also depend upon the financial stability of the issuer bank and / or counterparty banks involved.

The plan brochure and if/then summary should always be read together with the plan application pack, which includes details of the risks and important points, including the plan terms and conditions. We also provide access to the issuer’s prospectus and term sheet and a Key Information Document (KID) for each of our products. All of these documents can be accessed via the current products section of our website.

We also provide professional adviser information packs and product proposal packs for each of our products. These provide information to help professional advisers understand the background to the design and development of each of our products, including the identified target market and stress testing that we undertake (including back-testing, forward modelling and value-for-money assessments) to aid their research due diligence and assessment of suitability for clients.