Suitability letter wording input for professional adviser use: Plain English Campaign crystal mark accredited

As part of our aim to redefine structured products for professional advisers and their clients, through nothing more complicated than aiming to ‘do the right things – and do simple well’, we have worked hard with our lawyers and Plain English Campaign to ensure that our plan brochures and if/then summaries explain our products using simple language, avoiding unnecessary jargon and aiming to provide explanations which everyone can understand.

Building on what we have achieved with our plan brochures and if/then summaries, we have also worked with Plain English Campaign to prepare crystal mark accredited suitability letter wording inputs, to assist professional advisers using our products.

The inputs are designed to help professional advisers construct suitability letters, with plain English wording to explain factual information, covering various sections which may be helpful within suitability letters, such as: what a structured product is; why investing in a structured product is being advised; the importance of portfolio diversification; the features and risks of our specific products; the importance of understanding the key risks, such as counterparty and stock market risk; as well as highlighting both the positive and negative target markets.

It is important to highlight that these inputs do not take account of the investment objectives, particular needs or financial situation of any client or potential client of any professional adviser, and the headings and layout should not be taken as a guide for how a suitability letter should look or what a suitability assessment and letter should include. Professional advisers are responsible for ensuring that their suitability letters are current and appropriate for any client and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

We have provided the inputs in word format, so that professional advisers can copy and paste and use and make changes easily and conveniently.

suitability letter wording input