About bespoke products and / or exclusive (including private placement) products

We are well placed to assist professional advisers with the development of bespoke and / or exclusive structured product solutions.

Whether the interest is based on designing a bespoke solution for an individual high net worth client or a small number of clients, or an exclusive product for use across a firm’s client-base, whether it is for new investment monies or the reinvestment of funds from maturing structured products, or a re-asset allocation exercise, including from actively managed or passive mutual funds, we are pleased to work closely with professional adviser firms, as a trusted provider.

Using our experience, expertise and issuer relationships, including our access to exclusive indexes, and providing plans that benefit from our operational strength and best-practice approach to governance and compliance, we can help create bespoke and  / or exclusive product solutions that are designed and shaped with the input of professional advisers, to meet specific investment views and client interests and requirements.

If you would like to discuss an interest in bespoke and / or exclusive product solutions, or if we can assist in any way, please contact us.