Redefining structured products masterclasses | September 2018

How structured products could be done – and should be done

Introducing bar-raising support and resources for advisers using structured products (including ‘must-use’ resources for advisers to meet regulatory expectations

The UK retail structured products sector has existed for over 20 years, and has come a long way in that time. Tempo has drawn on its team’s sector-leading experience over that time to establish a business that aims to redefine structured products for professional advisers and their clients, with the intention of showing how structured products could be done … and should be done.

Throughout September, we will be hosting a nationwide series of masterclasses for professional advisers. We will explain how Tempo are redefining structured products and introduce bar-raising support and resources for advisers using structured products, such as our Tempo Issuer & Counterparty Scorecards (‘TICS’). In our opinion, TICS is a must-use resource for professional advisers to meet regulatory expectations for structured product research.

In addition, we will present Tempo’s first research ‘white paper’: a study of the absolute return / target return funds sector, prepared in association with GBi2’s Graham Bentley. The paper highlights that half of absolute return funds don’t seem to work very well half of the time and asserts that some things might be more absolute than the absolute return funds sector’s propositions.

Tempo aims to redefine structured products for professional advisers and their clients. At the heart of our approach our aim is to be known for straightforward and lower risk products, and ‘doing the right things – and doing simple well’, providing professional advisers and their clients with a high calibre structured product provider, a carefully considered approach to structured products and a level of support and service that they can be genuinely confident in.

Our entire emphasis is on working closely with professional advisers to advance and enhance the value that can be gained from structured products, for the benefit of their clients.

Why should you attend?

Presented by Chris Taylor, global head of Tempo Structured Products, we believe that these masterclasses will help re-set adviser thinking about structured products, whether you are an adviser already using them or an adviser that hasn’t been.

Presented by Chris Taylor, who has delivered more education regarding structured products in the UK than any other person, including the 2010 IFP accredited Masterclass programme ‘Knowledge is key’. 2 hours CPD is provided for attendance.

The Masterclasses will include content that you simply cannot ignore. The regulatory expectations upon professional advisers (including expectations set out in the Thematic Review of structured products in 2012, as well as more recent PROD rules) are explicit, and our approach is designed to support professional advisers in meeting those expectations. This includes:

  • Highlighting the need to consider ‘the 3rd key risk of structured products’. PROD requires advisers to consider the operational strength of the plan manager, in addition to the 1st and 2nd more obvious key structured product risks: counterparty risk and market risk.
  • Helping ensure that product research meets the clear regulatory expectations. The Tempo Issuer & Counterparty Scorecards (‘TICS’) materially raise the bar in supporting professional advisers in researching and understanding the most fundamental risk of structured products.

“Distributors should consider the impact that the selection of a manufacturer could have on clients, in terms of various factors including the financial strength of the manufacturer.” PROD Sourcebook.

“Manufacturers are expected to make details of their product development approval processes available to distributors’’ PROD Sourcebook.

“Firms should carry out sufficient due diligence into the counterparty and not rely solely on credit rating agencies… We expect firms to look more broadly than just the credit rating, such as the rating, outlook, credit default swap (CDS) and other market information, as well as ‘fundamentals’ on the issuer’s balance sheet.” FCA Retail Product Development and Governance: Structured Product Review, 2012 Thematic Review.


9.00 am Welcome and introduction from your regional Business Development Manager
9.05am – 9.50am

‘Redefining Structured Products’

  • Let’s think about markets and investor interests and needs
  • Introducing Tempo Structured Products
  • Best practice governance: ‘doing the right things’
  • Tempo’s product suite: ‘deliberately defensive’
  • ‘TICS’: a must-use resource for professional advisers
  • Tempo Professional Adviser Academy
  • Championing the use of plain English
  • The ‘Structured Product Investor’: a newsletter on a plate
  • Structured products equate to investing by contract

—Networking break —
10.05am – 10.20am

Tempo / GBi2 White Paper: Absolute return / target return strategies

Over the last 10 years, so-called absolute return and target return strategies have emerged in the active fund management industry, ‘promising’ to deliver the holy grail of positive returns in all market conditions for investors. But the reality of the performance actually being delivered is that these funds are not delivering on their ‘promise’. Tempo’s first published research white paper details the history and the facts … and evidences that half of absolute return strategies don’t actually seem to work half of the time. could structured products offer more absolute returns than absolute return funds? We will present this assertion, explaining the key differences.

10.20am – 11.05am Tempo Issuer & Counterparty Scorecards (‘TICS’): workshop

Issuer and counterparty risk is the most fundamental risk of structured products. It’s a regulatory expectation that professional advisers understand this risk and evaluate it robustly within their research and due diligence process. TICS provides a ground-breaking and bar-raising research solution. The workshop will introduce and overview TICS and guide you through how to make best use of it, with live examples.

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