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This email is from Tempo Structured Products.

Tempo Structured Products is a trading name of Tempo Structured Products Limited, registered in England (No 12871910), with its registered office at 338 Euston Road, London NW1 3BG. Tempo Structured Products is an appointed representative of TIME Investments, a trading name of Alpha Real Property Investment Advisers LLP. Alpha Real Property Investment Advisers LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA No 534723). Tempo Structured Products and TIME Investments are part of the Alpha Real Capital family of companies (‘Alpha’),  which benefit from materially common ultimate beneficial ownership

No investment, legal, tax recommendation or advice of any type and no suggestion of suitability of any investment for any prospective investor is given or implied in this e-mail. The information in this e-mail does not take account of the investment objectives, particular needs or financial situation of any client or potential client of any professional adviser by whom this e-mail is received. There are risks associated with an investment in any structured product.

Tempo Structured Products engages with investment professionals, in particular: financial advisory firms (and staff of financial advisory firms), wealth managers and other investment professionals who are authorised and regulated to advise on investments by the Financial Conduct Authority; and other appropriately authorised wealth management or investment professionals (‘Professional Advisers’).

Professional Advisers should access and read the relevant plan documents relating to any structured product plan of interest, in particular: the plan brochure; ‘if / then…’ summary;  plan application pack, including, the terms and conditions of the plan; and the issuer’s key information document (‘KID’), securities prospectus and final terms sheet, before making a recommendation to their clients.

Professional advisers should not invest in, or advise their clients to invest in, any investment product unless they and their clients understand them, in particular the relevant risks.

The ‘Important risks’ section of our website highlights the key and other risks of our structured product plans, in addition to explaining important information for Professional Advisers who wish to access the current products area of our website and who may use our structured product plans with their clients.

To see our full ‘Important risks’, please see

It should always be understood that:

  • structured products are not suitable for everyone
  • past performance is not a reliable indicator of or guide to future performance and should not be relied upon, particularly in isolation
  • the value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up
  • the value of structured products may be affected by the price of their underlying investments
  • the potential returns of a structured product and the repayment of money invested in a structured product depend on the financial stability of the issuer and counterparty
  • capital is at risk and investors could lose some or all of their capital

When addressed to Professional Advisers, any opinions or advice contained in this email and any attachments are subject to our terms of business with Professional Advisers.

Opinions, conclusions and other information in this email and any attachments which do not relate to the official business of the firm are neither given nor endorsed by it.

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