Portfolio Optimiser: helping you consider structured products as part of an overall portfolio

At the start of 2020, the UK Structured Products Association (‘UKSPA’) launched ‘Portfolio Optimiser’ – an easy-to-use application that allows professional adviser to analyse the historical and future potential performance of their a portfolio, when combined with a structured product.

Portfolio Optimiser analysis historical and future portfolio returns, including analysis of volatility, drawdown, Sharpe ratios and ‘best and worst’ outcome simulations, giving professional advisers the ability to assess which structured product would best enhance the performance of the current portfolio asset allocation.

It allows users to create and save their own model portfolios, choosing from a large range of underlying funds, or choose from a series of default model portfolios. It also offers professional advisers the choice to add a structured product from all of those currently available to retail investors in the UK, to create their own structured product, or even to add a tailor-made product sent directly to them from an UKSPA member.

Portfolio Optimiser provides a full analysis report for record-keeping purposes, which is saved online along with any portfolios and products also created.