Henny Dovland
Business Development Director
07823 341 577
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Henny joined TIME in January 2014 as the Business Development Director for London. Over the last seven years Henny has worked exclusively with financial advisers, wealth managers and private banks helping planners add value to their client bank and their professional connections. She spent nearly six years at Octopus Investments before joining TIME and is a regular speaker at industry events. Henny works closely with Sophie and together they make up ‘Team London’.

Originally from Norway, Henny came to the UK in 1999 as part of her degree studies and loved it so much she decided to stay. Outside of work she loves to travel and also enjoys a little bit of exercise. She can often be found at Barry’s or a number of other fitness studios near the office, for an early morning class to get the day started.

Henny Dovland works alongside:

Sophie Weller
Senior Regional Business Development Manager
07557 978 628
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Sophie joined TIME in April 2012 as part of the office Business Development team. She works alongside Henny and Simon supporting advisers in London. Prior to joining TIME, Sophie held a senior account management role in her home county of Dorset. Sophie holds foundation degrees in Business and Management as well as in Art and Design.

Outside of work, Sophie enjoys eating out and keeping fit.

Caragh O’Shaughnessy
Business Development Manager
020 7391 4558
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Caragh joined TIME in November 2018 as part of the Business Development team. Before TIME, Caragh graduated from the University of Brighton with an honours degree in Sport Business Management. Following university, Caragh worked at BAE Systems before starting a career in financial services.

Out of the office, Caragh enjoys playing netball, keeping fit and socialising with friends.

Jonathan Wright-Premachandra
Business Development Manager
020 7391 4752
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Jonathan joined TIME as an Office Based BDM in November 2019. Prior to joining TIME, he worked on the New Business team at Brooks Macdonald and previously sold Structured Products at Clarendon Financial on behalf of Societe Generale. Prior to this he worked as a research analyst at Future Value Consultants. Jonathan has over 6 years’ experience in financial services and graduated from Liverpool University with a BA in Business Studies. Jonathan grew up in Norfolk but has Sri Lankan heritage. Outside of work, Jonathan enjoys sports, travelling and eating out.